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Leveraging Technology

We are presented with a wide array of excellent tools that can assist us in defending our systems, measuring compliance, and testing for vulnerabilities. There is no doubt that without the effective use of these tools, it would be unrealistic to expect that we can defend our systems and data from the many threats and […]

Systems Authorisation

A tremendous amount of money and time is spent every year on IT systems. This money goes towards new tools, new software, equipment upgrades and ‘so-called’ improvements. The problem is that a significant amount of this expense does not provide nearly enough value for the organization. In addition, we are seeing that the focus on […]

A culture of security

At a recent conference I heard a great comment from an Information Security professional from Chennai, India. He stated that ‘culture is defined as the beliefs we accept without question.’ That is an excellent perspective and the goal we must keep in mind regarding Information Security. Our goal is to accomplish this in all our […]

Information Security and Governance

Information Security and Governance are terms being used frequently today, but they are almost as frequently misunderstood. It can be difficult to explain what security and governance really are, and why they are important. Security is often misunderstood as a hindrance to ‘getting the job done’ or productivity. Instead, we need to change the perception […]