Bomb Threat Response Planning

Ever wondered what to do when your company would be confronted with a bomb threat? In nowadays society it is not as unthinkable as it maybe was two decades ago. And if it happens and you are not well prepared, will you deal with it correctly? If you are not totally sure, this training is really for you!

This 1 day course deals with all the essential issues you need to organize for once confronted with a bomb threat.

1. Introduction

2. General Responsibilities

  • Responsible Building Authority
  • Bomb Threat Response Coordinator
  • Deputy Bomb Threat Response Coordinator
  • Searchers
  • Employees
  • Media Relations

3. Bomb Threat Procedures

  • Types of Bomb Threats
  • Receiving and Reporting a Bomb Threat
  • Discovering a Suspicious Object of Package
  • Assessing a Bomb Threat
  • Evacuation the Facility
  • Search Procedures

4. Bomb Threat Response Equipment

  • Re-Occupying the Facility
  • Sending Employees Home

5. Bomb Threat Drill Requirements

  • Frequency of Bomb Threat Drills
  • Participation by Other Organizations
  • Post Drill Debriefings

6. Bomb Threat Response Team Training & Empoloyee Awareness

7. Recording and Administrating

8. Bomb Threat Emergency Voice Messages

9. Summary

This training is meant for every officer in an organisation or company that is responsible for safety.

After taking this training you will be able to make a plan to prepare your organisation for the occasion of a bomb threat (either real or not).

The lead trainer for this course is Richard Bellwood.

This training can be delivered on-site in your company. The benefits are clear: together we will focus on your specific circumstances and questions. At the end of the training you will have written the basic outline for you company specific protocol! Please contact us, for more information about organising this training on-site!

This training is also offered at various locations around the world as an open enrolment training. To check if this training is organised near you anytime soon, please check our calendar!