Advanced Security Management Training

This twelve module five-day course explains the advance elements of Information Security in a practical, understandable, and enjoyable manner though a series of lectures, learning activities, and quizzes. The delegate will receive an end of course exam which will assist the delegate understand where additional study may be desired.

You will learn how to mesh security procedures with reliable and cost-effective business operations, what the most commonly used tools are, and what the significance is of using proper security terms in the information security industry. It also addresses the critical roles that business continuity management and compliance plays within the business.

This course will prepare you for the function of security operations and how you should plan to respond effectively when an incident or breech occurs. The course will take you from the beginning principles of developing a security program to sustaining the business during a major IT crisis. While not designed as a “cram course” for any certification, this course provides the information necessary to pass many of the popular IT Security Certifications offered by several organizations.

This course is based on the ISO_IEC 27002:2005 standard, along with other internationally recognized standards and practices. It will illustrate the core fundamentals of information security and the ever-changing business requirements, along with concepts, processes, and design elements.

Each attendee will learn the relationship between Information Security and business, what risk means in the Information Security industry, the core fundamentals of Information Security, how to design and implement effective security procedures, and how to properly manage incidents and business continuity incidents.

This course is suitable for leaders of the business and IT community, from the intermediate member of the team to the most experienced professional. Several years of experience is advised as this course is based on International Standards for Senior Managers.

This course is designed to provide a clear understanding of principles of business, IT role in supporting business goals and objectives, and the critical role that IT Security plays within the risk management process of the organization. IT security can be a black hole for money within the organization. This course explains who to establish the critical business functions, the IT systems that support them, and how to establish risk-based cost-effective security.

The course is presented as Instructor-led training, in an interactive lecture style, with presentation slides and notes, incorporating various learning exercises (case studies and review questions), with an examination at the end of the program.

The lead trainers for this course are Kevin Henry and Leo Thrush.

This training can be delivered on-site in your company. The benefits are clear: together we will focus on your specific circumstances and questions. At the end of the training you will have written the basic outline for you company specific protocol! Please contact us, for more information about organising this training on-site!

This training is also offered at various locations around the world as an open enrolment training. To check if this training is organised near you anytime soon, please check our calendar!